Monday, March 1, 2010

A Great Accessory For Any Occasion

My husband and I teach Primary at Church. We actually teach just the three to six year-olds. I wanted to make a fun Valentine’s treat for our Primary kiddos and for my daughters little friends. I saw this and thought it would be a good kid treat.


I am not a huge fan of those Sweethearts, so I used taffy, sweethearts, and Butterfinger hearts.

At first I cut my saran wrap in half widthwise, but found that it didn’t hold the candy as well as I wanted, so I ended up cutting off about a 1/4 instead. I thought using the whole width was too saran wrappy.

Easiest way I found was to lay out my saran wrap flat, and then lay out the candy, then tie it off. When I tried to do it a section at a time things got a little hairy.

These are obviously not just limited to Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you’ve seen them at graduations, you could also use any holiday candy to make it fit the upcoming holiday.

Oh, and the kids loved them! I gave one to a little Korean girl I tutor and she still has it!

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