Friday, March 19, 2010

Bleached Lucky Shirt

I officially HATE St. Patrick’s Day.  Before St. Patrick’s Day 2010, didn’t mind it so much.  This year I tried to go all out.  I made these Mint Shamrock Cupcakes, which in all honesty turned out ok.  Except I didn’t have enough frosting . . . 100_1362

Then I tried to make one of these shirts. 


Isn’t it so cute?  That's {Fam}tastic made this lucky shirt, and Jamee Homemaker made some with her kiddo’s names.  They both made it sound so easy, I thought I could make one too.

So I followed their instructions.  Cut out letters from my Cricut, laid them out on a green shirt . . . But I used Elmer’s Glue instead of a spray adhesive because I’m so cheap and it’s water soluble so it all comes out in the wash. 


Sprayed with bleach, washed, and nothing!  You could hardly see the letters.  So I cut out more letters and tried again.  Again nothing.  I have concluded our shirt was too light.  Maybe we’ll try again someday when we’ve recovered from the trauma that this darn shirt caused!

Here was our finished product, I tried to make the best of the situation . . . I think I made it worse . . .



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