Monday, August 26, 2013

Brave Birthday Party

My daughter loves Brave.  Well, she loves playing Brave and fantasizing about Brave, but didn’t so much love the movie itself.  It’s sort of a weird thing . . But she wanted a Brave birthday and so that is what she got. 

We were just having family over for dinner and cake and ice cream, but I still think you can have a little celebration with some fun things and a theme.  (And still not spend a ton of money!)

This is what I came up with. 


Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, fruit kebabs, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing, cupcakes, and ice cream. 

With some food labels it turned into, Haggis Burgers, Fruit Arrows, Chocolate StrawBEARries, Queen Elinor’s Strawberry Salad, Witch’s Brew.  Threw in some Empire Cakes (the cakes that the witch gives Merida to posion her mom, according to the internet that’s what they’re called) and some Chocolate Teddy Grahams and it made it a Brave themed dinner.




BRAVE Brithday Lables

I had plans for making some Mac n’ Cheese, but ran out of time. 

I made cupcakes from a box and delicious homemade chocolate frosting.  Found some brave-ish colored sprinkles and cupcake liners, and made some arrows with toothpicks and washi tape. 


I also made some water bottle labels, A) because they are cute and a cheap way to fancy up, and B) because everyone always gets their bottles confused and we end up going through a million of them. 


BRAVE Brithday Water Bottles

Used this free font, Celtic Hand to type in names.  Print.  Cut.  Tape. 

I also used a few of our favorite quotes from the movie and made some decorations for the table and food bar. 

BRAVE Brithday Act

BRAVE Brithday Brave

BRAVE Brithday Weapons

(These printables were probably my favorite thing about the party!)

To finish things off I made a chalkboard sign using one of those giant already made chalkboards from Home Depot.  And sewed together a banner using paint chips.  (Free!) 




Hope you are having a wonderful summer, or at least what’s left of it.  School starts for us next week.  Yikes!

Thanks for stopping by! 


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