Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make Your Own Baby Leg Warmers

Have I mentioned that I live in a freezing tundra? I don’t know if it’s really geographically considered a tundra, but you get the idea. Have I mentioned that I have the cutest funnest (I know not a real word) little girl ever. And boy do I love to dress her up! One of my favorite articles of clothing that we own are her leg warmers. They are so fun and I know they’ll keep her little leggies warm in this frozen tundra we live in. The best part is, I made them all and didn’t have to pay $10 or $12 a pair.


I made our first pair for a Halloween costume last year. We were looking for something cheap and already had the wings and an antenna headband. So I found these red and black striped women’s knee high socks at Six Star Party outlet for $1. I cut off the feet, zig zag stitched around the bottom, pulling the socks tight as I sewed . . . easy as one, two, three . . . baby leggings with a frilly ruffled bottom. We’ve washed and worn them several times and they have held up great.

imageThese leggings were also originally women’s knee high socks, found at the Dollar Tree. I cut off the feet and called it good. They have also held of great through many wearing and washing with no fraying.




These two pairs where actually children’s knee socks found at Payless. A little pricier than a dollar but still cheaper than other baby leg warmers you can buy.

Of course, I did not come up with these ideas on my own. It’s been awhile since I actually looked at the tutorial I used, but I’m pretty sure I used this one from, Little Miss Crafty Pants. And I also liked this one from Little Birdie Secrets.

I’d love to know what fun cheap things you’ve made or use that are staples in your wardrobes?

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  1. baby legs are an obsession of mine :) Thanks for linking up to check me out saturdays


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