Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I’m Melting!


I made these snowmen sugar cookies for our Relief Society Christmas party in December, stay with me here I realize it’s March. But I was reminded of them today as I walked around outside. All of our snow is melting {FINALLY}! Singing “Hallelujahs” as I type.

You Melt My Heart_Page_1

I thought that they would be a perfect treat with a tag that says, “You melt my heart!”. (Note to self, learn how to upload pdf’s and such for others to print and use. Help?!) I hope I get to make another batch soon, and better get on it quick since it’s practically Spring, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. They were super simple. I was quite impressed with how great these instructions were, and how easy it was to frost a cookie this way.

Some changes I made:

I didn’t use fondant for the nose, instead I used slightly nuked orange Starbursts. Worked out great because those are my least favorite flavor, and I enjoyed eating the leftovers!

Also, I didn’t use fondant for the buttons, instead I used Mini M&M’s. A tube that you pick up by the check stand was perfect. I thought about using Starbursts here too, but thought the M&M’s would be easiest.

I was stalking around looking for ideas to steal and came across another version from a blog I enjoy, Cookies and Cups.

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