Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am A Cheapskate

I hardly ever go to a craft store without a coupon. Most of the time I really go just so I can feel good about using my coupon. Today I stopped by Michael's to pick up a few things for a project I am hoping to get to this weekend, I better since it has to do with the Olympics! Back to my point. I have been wondering for awhile now if my Michael’s accepted Robert’s coupons even though we don’t have a Robert’s close by {tear}. I saw a sign that said they did along with other competitors in the area! Horray! I commented to the cashier how excited I was about my new revelation. She told me me that not only will they accept other’s coupons, but they will accept a Michael’s coupon AND a competitor coupon as long as they are for different amounts! Double horray!

Some places I go to get coupons:

Lots of links to Michael's coupons

You can sign up to get Michael’s emails, which really have quite a few good deals, and you also automatically receive a 40% off coupon.

You can also sign up to get Robert’s coupons, sometimes as much as 50% off!

So I am interested to know where you find your good crafting deals because I am all over cheap!

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