Friday, October 22, 2010

{Halloween Costume} Flower

image This was my last year’s costume, to be quite honest I’m pretty proud of it!  My little girl was a cute little lady but so I decided to be a flower so we’d kind of have a theme. 

I bought green scrub pants and a green hooded sweatshirt from DI (thrift store) for like $6 or $7 total. 

image I cut 11 petals out of fun foam all about the same width and height.  There was a logo on the front pocket of the jacket so I covered that up with a foam flower.  I got three petals out of each large sheet of foam (9 X 12 in. I had it on hand, but have seen it at Walmart and Michael’s).   

I cut a slit at the base of each petal so I could create a good base for gluing and so that the petals would stand up better.  If you would like a picture of this step I can get you one . . . let me know.

I then pulled out my hand glue gun (best $5 I ever spent) and got to gluing. 

I added some freckles with a black eyebrow pencil (not eyeliner, it will smudge and wipe off)

It was so simple and easy (and won we won the prize for best costumes) and so cheap!  And I made it about and hour before the party!

imageA view of the whole ensemble, but with the hood down.  

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