Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craftily Ever After

New blog I found the other day, Craftily Ever After (such a cute blog name!).  She has a ton of cute stuff posted already. 

A few of my favorite things:

image image
Halloween printables. 



image image
This gorgeous wreath.  What’s it made of you ask.  Just this old lace cardigan.  NEVER in my life would I have thought to make a wreath out of my old clothes – brilliant. 



And this not so Halloween, but extremely cute, chalkboard picture frame.  Refurbished from a Dollar Store frame.  Love the frame, and the flower, but also the idea of using it to mark each month of your little one’s life. 



And last but not least, an UNO Birthday Party!  Too bad my little girl is already past her first year mark, but my next child will be having an UNO Party for their first birthday. 


{Thanks for taking time to stop by!}

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