Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boo! Burgers

Boo Burgers4

We had another SPOOKY dinner the other night, Boo Burgers!  We spooked out our burgers with spooky cheese shapes and silhouettes. 

Boo Burgers5 Using a cookie cutter and Kraft Singles.  Open plastic, keep plastic to use for cutting the cheese.  We tried it on the counter and paper plates, both times it stuck and wouldn’t come off!  But when you cut the cheese on the plastic wrap it comes right off. 


Boo BurgersBoo Burger Toppings:

Onions – Skeleton Ribs
Tomatos – Sliced Dragon Liver
Lettuce – Monster Fur
Ketchup – Blood
Mustard – Liquid Moon
Mayo – Puréed Ghost 
Hamburger buns – Monster Buns



Boo Burgers3

With a side of:

Carrots – Pumpkin Bones
Celery w/ Easy Cheese – Goblin Fingers stuffed with Pumpkin Goo
Chips – Buffalo Chips

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