Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Crafts

Better late than never.  I strongly believe that ALL holidays should be at the end of the month, like Halloween.  I always need more time!



Made these tissue paper hearts.  Found at Crafttown, via Gretchen at The Pike Family



Handprint Owl , inspiration from Meet the Dubiens.  The Little Miss and I made this Valentine’s Day morning for Dad.  When he came home from work we showed it to him, and I asked, “Do ya’ get it?”  “Yeah.  ‘Owl’ love you.”  For a sec I thought, oh yeah, he gets it.  Then I realized it sounded not quite right.  It was really supposed to say “‘Owl’ ALWAYS love you.”  BIG oops!  Instead it’s more like, well, if I have to ‘Owl’ love you.  I tried.


IMG_0632   IMG_0636

Paper Heart Garland, found at The Pike Family.



Plastic Bag Heart Wreath, found at Us and Them, via Tatertots and Jello



Heart Tree, found at my house.  Tin bucket, on hand.  Branches spray painted white.  Red paper hearts, hole punched, hung with ribbon. 

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  1. I like your idea of moving all holidays to the end of the month. I could use the extra time too! Cute owl! I love it! I also want to try the wreath from bags. I saw a pattern to crochet a rug out of them, too. Who knew they'd come in that handy? :)


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