Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heart Potato Stamps

Saw this tutorial over at Cap Creations and knew that it was something that my two year-old and I could do together while it is freezing cold outside so we don’t go completely crazy staying inside ALL THE TIME.  They were so easy, you probably have everything on hand. 

Stamp 1

Stamp 2Ready to start stamping . . .

Add paint.

And . . .

Stamp 3

Lots of stamping fun.


  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! Every couple of days, it crosses my mind that I should figure out how to make these and then I forget to google it! Looks like a good weekend project to me!!!!

  2. Guess what? I called Hobby Lobby today and they said they have heart styrofoam wreaths back in stock so maybe there is hope for us! Do you live near a Hobby Lobby? Unlike most craft stores that I've called, Hobby Lobby acted happy to check for me and give me the info I needed. Most other stores I actually have to spend the time going there to be disappointed. Anwyay, just a tip in case you are still looking.

    Oh, and I saw on Studio 5 yesterday that Corbin's Grill in Layton received FABULOUS reviews. Please go eat there and tell me what you think! (Maybe for Valentine's Day? Not sure on $/plate.)


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