Saturday, February 19, 2011

I {Heart} The Quick Unpick

Just found this new blog and had to share it with you: 


“The Spangler” shares lots of fun sewing projects, many of them made from refashioning old clothing.  She has great tutorials with lots of pictures and great explanations.  I haven’t had a serious sewing project probably since Christmas {gasp!} but now I am so excited to try my hand at one of her projects.  Seriously did not see a project that I did not adore!

Here were a few of my favs:


Seriously wish these boots came in my size!



This skirt would go perfect with the boots!



This adorable dress was refashioned from a woman’s skirt.  I must find a skirt exactly like it, so I can make this exact same dress.  So cute!

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  1. Hi Ash... Thank you so much for your post! I did check it out earlier and thought I had left a comment here for you but it seems I didnt! Where has the year gone already?
    Hope the start of the year has been a good one for you!
    The Spangler xo


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