Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Read With Me Wednesday: President’s Day Edition

President’s Day is coming up.  To celebrate I thought I’d share with you my favorite “President-ish” books. 


imageSo You Want to be President?
Written by Judith St. George

Illustrated by David Small

“That's a big job, and getting bigger. But why not? Presidents have come in just about every variety. They've been generals like George Washington and actors like Ronald Reagan; big like William Howard Taft and small like James Madison; handsome like Franklin Pierce and homely like Abraham Lincoln. They've been born in log cabins like Andrew Jackson and mansions like William Harrison.

From the embarrassment of skinny-dipping John Quincy Adams, to the escapades of Theodore Roosevelt's children, to the heroic recovery of John Kennedy's crew, Judith St. George shares the backroom facts, the spit-fire comments, and the comical anecdotes that have been part and parcel of America's White House.

Hilariously illustrated by Caldecott honor-winning artist David Small in the cherished tradition of political commentary, this rip-roaring celebration of forty-one Presidents shows us the foibles, the quirks, and — most of all — the humanity of those men who have risen to one of the most powerful positions in the world.”  (



imageMr. Lincoln's Whiskers
Written and Illustrated by Karen B. Winnick

"The story is presented simply and with authenticity. Children will identify with this independent young girl. . . Containing a wonderful piece of history beautifully and succinctly presented, this story can be read in groups or individually to entertain and to teach." (School Library Journal)



imageLincoln: A Photobiography
Written by Russell Freedman
160 pages

“This work is perhaps the most complete and enjoyable children's book ever written about one of the nation's most fascinating and important figures, Abraham Lincoln. Russell Freedman covers Lincoln's life and career in a balanced treatment that is enhanced by period photographs and drawings. The book won the Newbery Medal, the Jefferson Cup Award and the Golden Kite Honor Book Award, and earned a citation as School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.”  ( Review)



imageGeorge Washington's Breakfast
Written by Jean Fritz

48 pages

“George Washington Allen, a boy who never gives up until he finds out what he wants to know, is determined to learn all there is to know about his namesake--including what the first president ate for breakfast.”  (

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this book! I read it with the kids and we loved all of the interesting facts that were in it.. Unfortunately our edition was slightly dated.. and there had been no presidents of color and only 2 Georges.. ha ha ah! Thanks for the suggestions for president's week!


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