Monday, September 20, 2010

I {Heart} New Fall TV Lineup

My hubby and I are soo excited for our favorite shows to come back.  Tonight kicks off a week of picking up where we left off before the summer break. 

Some of our favorites:

House  {Can you believe House and Cuddy FINALLY are together?}


Chuck  {Glad it came back last season, but it’s sort of losing it’s intrigue.  Not a huge fan of the way Chuck wears his hair now, I miss his goofier do.}


Modern Family  {So funny!  I am always trying choose a favorite character, but I never can!  Manny, Mitchel, Cam, Phil, they are all awesome.  If you’ve never watched Modern Family, start, it will change your life.}


Glee  {What can I say?  It makes me want to get up and dance!}


The Office  {All I can think about is how this will be Micheal’s last season *tear*.  But you never know what will happen next!}


Bones  {Booth, so hot.  Can’t believe the cliff hanger from last season!}

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