Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bow Crazy

Last month I became an aunt for the first time!  So of course the next natural step was to go completely bow crazy!  I love(d) having bows to but in my little girl’s hair.  So I decided to make some bows to go with an interchangeable headband for my new little niece. 

I found these somewhat cute flowers at the Dollar Store and thought they might work for some bows.

When buying silk flowers to make bows, I look for bunches that have a variety of sizes, so later on I can layer them, I just like the way it looks.  You’ll see what I mean in a sec. 


IMG_7074   IMG_7077
The first step was to chop off a few flowers and take them completely apart.  Here I have one big flower and one small flower. 


IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7082
Next reassemble flowers using two pieces from my big flower and one piece from my smaller flower, line up the already made holes, and inserted a scrapbooking brad. 


  IMG_7084  IMG_7086  IMG_7088
After finishing the basic reassembly it’s time to put it on a clip so it can go on a headband or in your hair.  I bought this box of alligator clips at Sally Beauty Supply for about $5.00.  The first time I bought clips, I bought like 12 for $3.00 because that was all I saw.  But when I went back I looked down and saw that I had been ripped off, the $5.00 box has 10x’s as many clips!  Look lower it’s there!  I like these kind of clips because they are wider, which provides more surface for gluing and attaching, and my bows seem to stay together better.

Cut out some felt circles, glue to the back of your flowers.  I like to cover my clips with ribbon, I think it gives it a nicer finished look, but it is not necessary. 

Glue flower to clip and you’re finished!



These are the other bows I made, I love how they all turned out and love that they were a nice inexpensive gift.  All the flowers I found at the Dollar Store, the ribbon and clips I already had on hand.  (I made two of some because now that my little girl is older and I can actually fix her hair, when I do two pig tails it’s nice to have two bows to put in.)

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