Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Some highlights, and lowlights from my weekend. 

{The Good}

On Friday my bestest girlfriends came down from Logan to visit me.  We went shopping, at Target I found these cute sandals for $3.00!!  Woot Woot!  So excited for next summer when the Two Year-Old can wear them!

After the friends left and the Two Year-Old was taking a nap I went out to check the mail and found . . . . my Martha Stewart Living for October.  Words cannot describe how much I have been looking forward to this wonderful arrival!


{The Bad}

Remember these cookies, via Real Simple, I told you about?  Well, I finally got around to making them.  They just might be my new favorite cookie ever!  Divine!  I almost ate the whole entire batch by myself! 

Use real butter, you’ll thank me.  It’s worth it.
And put the bag of peanut butter cups in the fridge when you start making the cookies, just in the fridge so they get a little cold.  I found if you do this, they are easier to cut, or just break apart with your hands. 


{The Ugly}

IMAG0062  IMAG0064  IMAG0066
Before I baked the cookies I turned the oven on to preheat.  The Two Year-Old was taking a nap so I was downstairs doing a few things, soon I started to smell a weird burning smell, wasn’t paying too much attention.  The oven beeped signaling that the over was ready to bake some cookies!  I opened the oven and remembered that I had put some Sam’s muffins in there earlier, the plastic was totally melted to the cookie sheet, the cardboard was scortched, and of course the muffins were inedible!  And also a lovely picture of my sink after making dinner and cookies. 


{The Best Thing EVER!!}

I’ve been dying to get a sewing machine!  So excited to get sewing.  The first thing on my list:  Halloween costumes!

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  1. I had a mishap with a toaster once...well when I say I, what I mean is my husband lol. He put a loaf of bread on the toaster and proceeded to toast something IN the toaster. Our toaster now looks like it is to only be used for merita bread! oops! =)
    I love my sewing machine!! Definitely looking forward to seeing your creations =)


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