Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dollar Store Cupcake Stands


I originally stumbled across this idea here at According to Kelly.  I knew that I just HAD to make some to use at my daughter’s birthday party.  I LOVED them SO MUCH that I left them out for a week after the party!  I LOVED them even more because they were CHEAP and EASY.  Two things that are musts in my craft book. 



candle stick holders
spray paint
super glue

I trucked my butt to the Dollar Tree to pick up supplies.  I got four clear glass candle holders and one painted ceramic squarish candle holder.  Instead of spray painting silver trays, I got already brightly colored plastic plates (seven plates, three green, three pink, and one polka a dot pink).  I also bought the stickiest strongest glue,  Super Glue Fix-All Adhesive.  Don’t worry, just because it dollar store glue, it is totally awesome.

I then headed to Wally World and got some cheap white spray paint. 



I proceeded to go spray paint crazy (Confession:  I’ve never spray painted anything before.  And now I’m hooked).  I spray painted my candle stick holders perfectly matching white. 

Wait not so very patiently for the paint to dry . . . .

Supplies painted and ready to be assembled. 


Began experimenting with different stacking combinations. 

I liked this one with three plates and four candle stick holders (two put together on the base), but was worried about stability. 


I also liked this one with one plate and two candle stick holders.


This one provided stability and lots of room for food. 


The square candle holder with the polka dot plate.


Ultimately I choose to do two two-level trays using the four glass candle stick holders and one one-level tray using the pink and white plate and the squarish base. 


Time to glue pieces together. 

Glue, let dry, use heaviest objects you can find in your pantry to help dry.  Repeat if doing several levels of trays.  On the second level, I turned the candle stick holder upside-down, to provide more room for food on the green plate.  


TA DAAAAA!!!  The finished products!  I love them!  Everyone at the party wanted to know where I bought them and were shocked to find that I made them myself!!  And everything, but the spray paint (which was a buck at Wal-Mart), came from the Dollar Store!  The two taller pink/green stands were $4.00 a piece and the pink polka dot with the square base was $2.00! 








  1. Cute idea! I did something along these lines with a dollar store plate and a spiral candle holder from the thrift store. I love yours! Fun and Vibrant! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I just love it. I've seen several of these and need to make one myself. My problem would be finding somewhere to store it!

  3. Oh! I love the way the candlestick base looks spray painted white!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!!!


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