Monday, April 12, 2010

I {Heart} Nie Nie


I hate reading Nie Nie.  Honestly I do.  But I am totally addicted to it.  I bawl my eyes out every time I read her blog.  She is truly an amazing woman.  She was in a plane accident and was burned over 80% of her body.  She is real, honest, faithful, and inspiring.  Go check her it out if you haven’t already.  The woman’s been on Oprah, so I’m sure you’ve heard of her by now!


A few of my favorites:

Anyway, I went to Parent Teacher Conferences with Mr. Nielson today.
The girls are doing great.
Jane needs a little improvement in the spelling/handwriting area, while
Claire is stuck on learning her phonics.
Generally they are both dear girls in the classroom.
I just need help being a mother.
At least my stools are softer.


Disappointment and discouragement sunk in as I wept.
Then I wiped my eyes, and said-
"Lets do it again, lets try it again, I am not giving up"


I came home from the hospital eager to be Mom. The mom I used to be. Oh, how I wanted to pick up Nicholas, get down on the floor with Ollie and play army men. I wished I could have jumped on the trampoline with Jane and Claire.
But those days will come. I am sure of it.
For now, I sit and tell Nicholas stories about when he was born. I hold Ollie's hand around the house. And tonight I did valentines with the girls.
It is good enough for now, although they are concerned. They worry about me, and my condition and what will happen. I assure them that my very talented Dr. L and his team will help me enjoy life more fully (and hopefully decrease the amount of tears I shed daily)



I’m bawling again.  Wow, truly grateful for all of my blessings and for the faith of others. 

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