Monday, April 5, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

I know, Easter was yesterday.  But I wanted to share something that worked well for us this year.  Maybe you’ll find it helpful next year. 

I have a 19 month old.  Of course she wants to do everything we do, just the way we do it.  I really wanted her to be able to dye Easter eggs with us this year.  So we tried it this way.  Her dear sweet grandmother was so patient with her.  But it was a little challenging. . .


But we had this Marble Swirl dye kit.  The original instructions were to use some plastic gloves they gave you and spread the dye/gel all over the egg.  Still too messy for a 19 month old.  So this was the solution I came up with. 



100_1537Dipped egg into some of the dye. 

100_1535Put into a plastic bag.  Blow in some air.


100_1539And shake it all about!  We put a twist tie on my daughter’s and she loved to shake it. 

100_1546      The results:  Beautiful Easter eggs.  Nothing too fancy really, but we had fun making them.  The ones we did in bags turned out pretty neat.  It was almost mess free, when we were finished we just threw out the bags!  Talk about easy clean up.  When they dried they even had a sparkliness to them! 


So what are your fabulous Easter egg dying tips?  How do you help the little ones be able to participate too?

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