Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunny Pop and Chocolate Milk


I did it!  I did have time to make the Bunny Pops I told you about!  I loved the way they turned out!

100_1523{You Will Need}
Brown and Pink cardstock – On hand
Small Pink Pom Poms – 99 cents @ Michael’s
Googly eyes – 99 cents @ Michael’s
Rootbeer in a glass bottle or Chocolate milk – cheapest @ Walmart $2.50
White floral wire – 69 cents @ Walmart in Craft/Floral
Cotton balls – On hand
Hot glue gun


Cut paper to look like bunny ears, I used the Paper Doll cartridge and my Cricut.  Glue ears together, tie bows, cut wire into about 1 inch pieces.

Glue ears onto bottle.  BE CAREFUL THAT YOU GLUE IT LOW ENOUGH SO THAT YOU CAN STILL GET THE LIT OFF!  I think I permanently hot glued some of my lids on. 

Glue on bows, eyes, whiskers (wire), nose (pom poms).  I zig zag folded one bunnies wire, it made him a little quirky but cute, if you don’t just want plain straight. 

Cut cotton ball in half.  Glue on cotton ball for tail.  DO THIS LAST!  If you choose to do this first I will not be held responsible for any painful glue gun burns you may incur. 


100_1575 100_1577 


Inspiration found, 30 days via Be Different, Act Normal

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  1. these bunnies are so cute! can't wait until easter again to make them!!


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