Friday, April 2, 2010

Follow The Prophet

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We believe that there are living prophets on the earth today that receive revelation from God.  Every six months, in April and October, we hold a Semi-Annual General Conference . Church members can attend the conferences in person in Salt Lake City or tune in via TV, radio, or internet

For those of you who will be tuning in to Conference this weekend there are a ton of great ideas to get the whole family involved!  All of us are either too old or too young to use most of these, but I can’t wait til the young ‘uns get old enough so we can start some General Conference traditions. 

The Church has a ton of great activities for children of all ages. 


Including the ever classic Conference Bingo, or in this case Conference Squares. 


Have you ever been to Sugar Doodle.  Some times I find it a little confusing, but I found a few different cute activity books for different ages.

An apostle coloring book for younger kids.


And a great book for older kids with tons of fun activities. 



And last but not least, The Creative Homemaker shares her weekend plans.  Their theme is “C Stands For . . .”  She made this awesome plaque and has a tutorial so you could make one too!  It could work for all kinds of letters and pictures. 


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