Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey Cookies–With Heart

I got this comment from wonderful fabulous GretchenP today, “ack! i just spent WAY too long at these sites you linked to! cute stuff! :)”.  So if you are like Gretchen, and myself, lets be honest, you should look a way immediately.  And definitely DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT click on the link that will take you over to Bee In Our Bonnet.  Oh my, so many many cute things. 

{These turkeys} are from her newest post, I am so in love with them I cannot even tell you!  And hello, coolest part, you don’t need a turkey shaped cookie cutter to make them, just a circle and heart. 

I wish that Christmas and Thanksgiving were at the very end of the month like Halloween, I need just a few more days to celebrate Thanksgiving so I can make all these cute things that other people are making and posting. 


{Turkey Cookies – With Heart found @ Bee In Our Bonnet}

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  1. LOL! WWHHYYY do you do this to me!??! i am definitly a fan over there now! did you see party ideas? i want to do an alice in wonderland movie night asap now! :) thanks for the shout out! wish i'd just found your blog before starting my own.. we like all the same stuff! :)


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