Friday, November 19, 2010

Three Little Turkeys

I posted about these cute little turkeys {HERE}.  And you can find the tutorial on Ucreate by Craft Goodies {HERE}.  I have been dying to make my own!  I ended up having almost everything I needed on hand, but have now exhausted my jumbo popsicle stick supply, so they where easy to pull together.

Two things I didn’t have, paint sticks and feathers.  I picked up my paint sticks at Lowe’s they were free and they had jumbo size, which was perfect for my bigger turkey.  The other thing I didn’t have, feathers.  Checked the Dollar Store and Walmart and found NO feathers!  I finally found some at Michaels’, actually almost a whole isle of feathers!  But I ended up using  raffia in place of feathers so it didn’t matter anyway. 

And now for the big reveal . . . .





If you would like rosy cheeks like Wendy’s turkey remember to do that BEFORE you Modge Podge on your beak and gobbler (no one at my house knew the official name of the red hangy beak thing, do you?).  Because after you Modge Podge all over you face, it ain’t comin’ up and there’s no going back. 


  1. oh my goodness these are so stinking cute!

  2. these turkeys look absolutely adorable. I love your blog and i`m a new follower.


  3. They are super cute! I'm a new follower too!

  4. holy cuteness! they turned out great!

  5. These turned out way cute! Makes me want to make them, too! In regards to the question about vinyl on my blog, I was getting mine from the craft store, but it's more expensive. My friend gets hers off ebay. She pays a little over a dollar for each sheet.


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