Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Wreath

Easiest thing I ever made.  Well, almost.
Bulb Wreath
Found some wintery ornaments after Christmas on super clearance.  Decided that since I had missed out making a Christmas ornament wreath, that I could still use these wintry colors to make a January/Winter Wreath!
Followed this tutorial from Eddie Ross.  Well, I thought I was following it, but missed a few steps.  Like bending your hanger into a circle before you pack on the ornaments.  And  I remembered the step about hot gluing the little metal part.  Mine were already kind of glued when I bought them so I thought it would be ok.  WRONG!  I had ornaments popping off all over the place when I tried to bend and reshape my hanger. 
So eventually I finished it.  But it still looked wonky so I messed with it some more.  More blubs fell off so I messed some more.   At one point I thought of just hiding it in an unpacked box downstairs, who would know.  I just didn’t want to ever have to see it again.  Eventually we (the wreath and I) made up.  I decided it would be ok.  Put it up on the shelf and was done with it.  I like it alright, but the more I look at it the more I see all these little/big things that just bug me. . . Bulb Wreath 2
Some other Winter décor:
Snowflake Frame
Stuffed snowman, my husband had this (and a matching Santa) when we got married.  I kid you not.  The frame was $3 on clearance from Michael’s, it had a Christmasy picture but I covered it up with a snowflake and some paper.  The mat came with it, isn’t it cute!


  1. I tried this, too. Except I found a link where someone had made it into a heart wreath for Valentine's Day. I wasn't pleased with my results, either. :( I don't think I had enough bulbs! So hopefully I'll remember to try again next year when Christmas stuff clearances out. :)

    I think you did a good job!

  2. this post totally made me giggle. don't ya love how we're all like.. look at our awesome creation it was SO easy! ...when in reality i ran to the craft store 5 times for an extra supplies, took it apart a few times because i made a mistake, and spent an hour picking hot glue off at the end. i totally stare at mine and nit pick afterwards too! way to be honest (and funny) ;)


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