Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I’m So Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It!


Our 50 free cards from Shutterfly, came today!  I have been anxiously waiting all day!  I love them!  They turned out just how I wanted.  It was worth the eight-ish dollars I had to pay for shipping. 


Shutterfly was great to work with.  See, I made a dumb mistake and didn’t check the shipping address.  I was having them shipped to our old place!  BIG WHOOPS!  But I contacted them, they promptly responded and kindly fixed the address with no extra charge. 

I know I choose a totally different card than the options I originally had proposed.  But they had this fun layout inside that I really liked. 


And the front:


Do you love the picture on the front.  My great friend Heather took it.  If you are looking for a great inexpensive talented photographer, and you live in Utah County.  Choose her.  She is awesome.  Check her out {HERE} and {HERE}.  She also does graphic design if you are looking for someone to help you out in that area. 

Now the hard part begins . . . gathering addresses, addressing and licking envelopes, and sending them out before Christmas!  (Did you know that Shutterfly will send them out for you, for a small extra charge.  Now that is awesome!)


  1. oh my gosh.. i seriously didn't realize there were ones you could write inside.. i'm gonna have to look a bit closer next time! thanks! :)
    p.s. i hope i don't come off as crazy stalker commenter person on your blog.. i just always read your posts cuz it's good stuff! :)

  2. I loved this card too! Glad I didn't use it cause then I'd just feel like a copy cat since you got yours first :)

  3. Mine came today too! Yours are adorable!

  4. Yay I got mine too! Isnt it just so much more exciting when they are free :)


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