Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuck In My Head

Do you ever see something and it just gets stuck in your head.  I have a few crafty/baking projects that I can’t stop thinking about.  I wish I had a reason to make them . . . The only reason I can come up with is my little one’s birthday is coming up, but I’m not sure they tie together . . .


Project #1


Found via Edible Crafts

Tutorial HERE over at Woman’s Day

Cutest cake I’ve ever ever seen!

I reminded me a lot of these cupcakes Bakerella did a while ago. 



Project #2image

Again from Bakerella, what can I say the woman is a genius! 

She posted about these Cake Pops a few weeks ago and I have been obsessing over them in my mind since then. 





So what theme could I use for a two year-old girl’s birthday party in a month that would let me use these great ideas?

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