Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Read With Me Wednesday: Come On, Rain!

I am keeping up with my Read With Me Wednesday, which I started right before our quarter-life-crisis/blogging break!  This Wednesday I choose one of my favorite summertime books.  It is a story about a little girl who is so hot and just wants it to rain. 

Come On, Rain!
Written by Karen Hesse
Illustrated by Jon J. Muth


Up and down the block,
cats pant,
heat wavers off tar patches in the broiling alleyway....

I stare out over rooftops,
past chimneys, into the way off distance.
And that's when I see it coming,
clouds rolling in,
gray clouds, bunched and bulging under a purple sky.

A creeper of hope circles round my bones.
"Come on, rain!" I whisper.


The poetry Karen Hesse uses paints such vivid pictures, you can feel the heat of the summer and the joy of the rain.  And did you know that Karen Hesse is a Newberry award winning author.  She won the 1998 Newberry award for her book Out of the Dust, which is also a great read, but have a box of tissues.  Hope you enjoy this great summer read!

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