Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I {Heart} The Hokey Pokey Kitchen

So I have been sort of on a kid kick lately.  My last few posts have been centered on creating things for kids.  Hope you’ll bear with me for another one.  Lets be honest, it’s not just for my kid, I love it it too. 

Point of my blabbering:  I found this awesome new blog about creating fun themed food all around children’s books. 

I got this sweet comment from Aleena, from The Hokey Pokey Kitchen, yesterday:

“Thanks for posting all your wonderful ideas!! We made Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat fun treats yeterday @
Come visit us.. thanks for sharing your ideas.. i am also making cupcakes tomorrow... we are making the sneetches s mores cupcakes!! hope urs turn out well!!!!”

My next thought was “Sneetches S’mores Cupcakes, what in the world would those look like?!”  (I admit I even tried to Google it – nothing.)  Well today, she posted them, and they are beyond my wildest imagination.


Sneetches S’more Cupcakes

I cannot wait until she shares how to make the Sneetches.  I’m off now to make my totally lame copy cat been done a thousand time Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes . . .


But first three more favorites from The Hokey Pokey Kitchen:



Where the Wild Things Are lunch



The Grouchy Ladybug “healthalicious snack”



Harold and the Purple Crayon crayons


  1. You are just the sweetest person I have met since I started blogging!!!!! Thank you for your kind words. They are soo encouraging! I just started my blog one month ago. I am absolutely honored that you liked my posts cause I have enjoyed reading your posts so much. I am going to put the Colow Flow technique ASAP!!

  2. Love the Sneetches cupcakes. So cute!! I just found your blog and became your newest follower. When you have time come visit my blog.



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