Monday, August 30, 2010

Ice Cream Party: Ice Cream Pinata


This weekend we had an ice cream themed party for my newly two year-old little girl.  It was nothing huge and fancy, but I had a few things that I wanted to share.  First up, the piñata.  I LOVED the way it turned out, and was sad to see it brutally destroyed by the little kiddos. 

I got my inspiration here, At Second Street, she threw a Minnie themed party and made a Minnie piñata.  I used her instructions, but with a different shape.  My husband was a little skeptical about not making a paper mache piñata, but it worked out great and was mess free. 

So I figure, no mess, free cardboard I had on hand, crepe paper from the Dollar Tree, and ta da, a cute CHEAP pinata.


IMG_7235Filled with candy, ready to be closed up.  Note:  DO NOT for get to leave a hole to put the candy in!  Major oops.    


IMG_7299Finished product, ready to be beat and busted open.  





And if I was in this picture, you could see me shedding a small tear for my darling piñata.  





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  1. That looks great! My dad always made my pinatas when I was younger and it's such a sweet memory. :) Though your little one is only two, I'm sure she'll be very impressed with your handiwork in the future.

  2. Love it! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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